Friday, July 4, 2008

Uncooperative co-op

So I live with my Significant Other and our daughter in a small co-op in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. Each floor of our building is occupied by a different family, each of whom pays maintenance of $1,250 to a nonresident building manager who takes care of our bills and oversees our taxes. Only it turns out that lately only two of the five co-op members have been paying their maintenance. Two families are four months in arrears, and the third is two months behind. That's $12,500 of unpaid maintenance; our bank balance is reduced to a mere $2,000—not enough to cover expenses. Other and I were horrified that the delinquency was so widespread—more than half the co-op members! But when I spoke to one of the delinquent members, he seemed quite unconcerned—and said it made him feel better that he was among the majority. Something's wrong here ...

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Robin Amos Kahn said...

Wow! Three out of five members are so far behind? That's not good.

I can't believe he said he felt better being in the majority?! That's crazy.