Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dealing with it


Any attachment issues I may have been hauling got challenged before I left the ground. I suffer from fear of flying, so I'm careful to chose aisle seats. Window seats make me too aware of what's going on "out there." Can't bear to see the wing flaps, um, flap or actually witness that this great hulking mass of steel and human flesh has no sturdier support than air. But a large extended Indian family with many infants desired my seat, so I traded my aisle seat for … a window seat. I kept the shades drawn. The promised movie did not materialize. There was no food to be purchased. We arrived in Nassau on time, but could not deboard for over an hour because five other aircraft had landed at the same time. Customs, baggage check were both congested. When I got to the ashram, the promised single room had evaporated, and I was consigned to a double. The promised receipt for yoga classes (which my employer would partially reimburse) was refused. The "new guy" who had made both promises when I was making my reservation had made a mistake. No apologies. Deal with it. So I'm … dealing with it.

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A said...

S--t. Sometimes it sucks. Brava for you for "dealing with it." This follower is [imaginatively] alongside you (though she might be sleeping in a bit more than yogic protocol advises).