Sunday, January 16, 2011

Contradictions drive me crazy

I have been obsessed for four weeks with the question of whether my daughter, who is spending a semester abroad in Copenhagen, should pack her medications in her carry-on or in her checked baggage. One person with her program said, Definitely in her checked baggage. Another said, just as definitely, In her carry-on. So for weeks, I have pondered this question, trying to guess the ramifications of each course. Her medications are essential for her smooth operation. If they were confiscated for being in the wrong bag (she has six months' worth instead of the three-month limit, so a strict customs official could have been troublesome), life would become a little less bright for both of us.

The upshot: We put three months' worth in her carry-on and three months' worth in a checked bag—and neither bag was searched. So we'll never know which was the right alternative.

But these are the burning questions that have ruled my life this past month. I'm hoping that now that she has arrived safely, I can get some sleep. Though I still wonder ...

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