Friday, June 10, 2011

Camera flash?

I acknowledge that I’m the world’s most sexually naïve person, but there are two things I cannot understand about the whole Weinergate thing.

1. What made Weiner want to send his wiener to women in the first place? I mean, I get why men like to look at pictures of naked women, but what’s the thrill in photographing and sending pictures of your own naked self? Is it digital flashing? Is Weiner doing to those women what several men did to me years ago in the Paris Metro and the Bois du Boulogne? (Weirdly, it has never happened to me in New York, but then maybe I've just gotten more adept at averting my gaze. Interesting side note: My mom was once sitting in a Paris park and thought the man across from her was holding a baguette, but …) The whole thing—camera flashing and up-close-and-personal flashing—just puzzles me.

2. If this is something that men enjoy, why don’t more women try it? I mean, why don’t Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and even that dreadful Sarah Palin snap their vaginas and tweet those bird’s nests to the world? 

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