Friday, May 14, 2010

Proctology joke!

Someone gave me a Pain Quotidien gift card a while back, so I broke it out on Tuesday—and ate a PQ Cobb salad every day this week (with a fork made out of cornstarch—how cool is that!). It's not that the Daily Pain's Cobb salad is anything to die for. Rather, it's a form of comfort-food addiction: Once something tastes O.K., why take a chance on anything else that might not taste as good? Good thing I've used up the card. Otherwise I'd be eating the same thing for the rest of my life.

On another note entirely (and perhaps not appropriate in the same post as food, but irresistible): a proctology joke. I'm sure there are a lot of proctology jokes out there, but this one was uttered by an actual proctologist. The doctor who's scheduling me for an early colonoscopy said he's just being "anal compulsive."

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