Monday, November 29, 2010

Boobs talking boobs

Here's the conversation (roughly) I listened to on the radio this morning:

Male announcer No. 1: So did you hear about the German guy who's suing his girlfriend because he paid for her to get a boob job on the condition that she stay with him for at least a year?

Female announcer: And she left him?

Male announcer No. 1: Yeah, and he'd made her sign a contract that she'd pay him back for the boobs if she didn't stay with him. So he's suing her for breach of contract and demanding that she return the implants.

Male announcer No. 2: If that was my girlfriend, I'd pay for one boob and make her live with me for two years before I'd buy her the other one. That way no one else would want her and she'd be stuck with me.

Female announcer: Ew! But you'd have to look at her for two years with one boob bigger than the other.

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