Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is it just me?

Here are some of the things that I did NOT do when I was diagnosed with breast cancer: 

* Flirt with my doctor

* Show my breasts unasked to my doctor (and later to a couple of police officers)

* Refuse treatment out of hand

* Take on extravagant home-improvement projects and invite the contractor to charge me double

* Deliberately pour red wine on my old couch

* Fill the bathtub with fake blood and pretend to be dead to scare my son

* Buy a new red sportscar

* Tell a fat girl that she could be either fat or bitchy but not both, then offer her $100 for every pound she loses

* Launch into a chain of cartwheels

* Barge into a neighbor’s house without knocking and scream at her for not being friendlier

But those are some of the things the protagonist in "The Big C" does in the pilot. Am I just weird?


Robin Amos Kahn said...

You know, I got so annoyed with that first episode I haven't watched any more. I'm glad to hear you felt the same way. The whole thing annoyed me and felt so fake.

Barbara said...

My thoughts exactly! The totally-refusing-treatment thing was rather mystifying, the not-telling-her-husband-or-son thing was far-fetched and annoying, and her befriending of her bitchy neighbor was just contrived. It seems the character has literally not a single other friend (until a long-lost college friend shows up from out of town). Despite my disapproval of almost everything about the show, you can probably tell I've nevertheless watched it (but only while folding laundry!).