Sunday, April 24, 2011

Luck of the draw

Sometimes I get lucky. About a week ago, I passed a clothing store that had what seemed to me to be a Danish name. Since my daughter is studying in Denmark, I popped in out of curiosity. Turned out it was a Canadian store owned by a Finn. No matter. I was asked if I'd like to sign up for a drawing. I did. A week later I got a call saying I had won $200 worth of Canadian clothing. These clothes are not my taste—too much polyester and gauze and ruffles. Still, they're free. Lucky me!


A said...

Congratulations! But, hey, aren't the Canadians supposed to be making high quality outdoors clothing that is practical, stylish and lasts forever?

Mia said...

Alas, the store where I won the raffle sells ruffly, polyester officewear. Not my usual style.