Monday, April 11, 2011

What, me preworry?

Recently a friend introduced me to the notion of preworrying. Of course, I've been preworrying my whole life. Indeed, I swim in a shoreless sea of anxiety 24 hours a day, and preworrying provides much of the fluid for thought. But the word itself tickled me. But I see I am going where others have gone before. On Wordnik, Chained_Bear defines preworry as "Worry about things well before they need worrying about. Just in case you have to worry about them later—preworrying lets you avoid the rush." Reesetee advises, "If you don't properly preworry, then you end up postworrying about not having worried enough, and you waste precious worrying energy worrying about something that should have been worried about sooner. This, not surprisingly, worries me." I have found my tribe at last! Of course, I could do as Bilby suggests and "Don't preworry. Be prehappy." Nah.

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