Thursday, May 3, 2012

The horror

One of the projects I’ve undertaken this week is to help my dad clear out some of the clipping clutter that has taken over the house. Yellowing newsprint fills plastic storage bins and festoons couches and chairs and floors. Some of it flutters freely; some of it is carefully filed in meticulously labeled manila folders—hundreds of them. Here is a small sampling of the headings:

Natural Disasters: Earth General
Natural Disasters: Air Cyclone
Natural Disasters: Water Glacial Melt
Human Disasters: Test Lack
Human Disasters: Material Aging
Human Disasters: Operation Failure
Human Disasters: Records Lack
Oil: General
Oil: Depletion Rates
Oiled Wildlife
Search for Meaning: Facts/Long term, Short term, Factoids
Search for Meaning: Truth/Evanaescent, Enduring, Open v. Closed
Search for Meaning: Barriers to Truth/Linguistic, Environment, Faith v. Reality
Doubt & Uncertainty

My dad has resigned himself to relinquishing this vast library of error and catastrophe and despair because he is planning to narrow his attention to a single focus: PTSD. 

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