Sunday, September 16, 2012

Upward guide dog

My yoga teacher yesterday described being in a subway car packed with cranky, impatient passengers. At one stop, a blind man with a guide dog entered the car. And suddenly there was an oasis of calm amid the rush-hour roar.

When the man and his dog got off at Union Square, which was her stop too, my yoga teacher resolved to follow them so that she could provide assistance in navigating the multiple stairwells and long traverses of that vast station. But they needed no help, she saw, watching them methodically thread their way up ramps and around columns and through turnstiles to their exit. They had had years of practice, she realized, and had come to trust each other deeply.

And so it is with yoga, she said, which also takes years of practice, develops a deep trust as the practice and the practitioner adapt to each other, and in the end fosters calm and confidence.

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