Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mea gulpa

Just to show that even a longtime patient with a sensitive (some would say, oversensitive) nose for people's stinky behavior in medical environments can blunder:

Yesterday while Other was having his plumbing Roto-Rootered, I ran out to get a bagel with tofu and lox. I didn't want to miss the surgeon when he emerged from the OR, so I rushed back to the waiting room to eat my lunch there. My paper bag rustled loudly as I removed my bagel and unwrapped it. People around me glared. As I gnawed my way through it, one woman nearby pointed at me and muttered to her companion. Well, what can you do? Lox are smelly. Get over it. Finally, the doctor came out of the OR and summoned me to a corner, where he reported how the procedure had gone (excellently!). As I made my way back to my seat, I noticed a sign directly over where my head had been, entreating everyone to refrain from eating and drinking in deference to patients who must fast in preparation for surgery.



Robin Amos Kahn said...

Oh, well. We all make mistakes.

Lox and tofu? Never tried that! (Mea gulpa, love that.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those warning signs always take me aback. I tend never to realize that some of the people waiting haven't eaten for many hours because of their upcoming procedures and would probably love to snatch food and drink from us eaters. I've had to stand outside the range of the seated patients and families as I sipped my coffee, an ostracized, insensitive glutton.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious account of the human condition, Mia. You are a verbal artist, Girl! What a picture--a nice lady munching a bagel with a No Eating sign right over her sweet oblivious head. Right out of a cartoon or a comedy show. LOL.