Friday, April 16, 2010

Afternoon with K, who solved a mystery and shared two secrets

Throughout the past week, I’ve been followed by an odor I had identified as skunk. Seemed weird that so many skunks had taken up residence in San Francisco, but there are a lot of parks, and so I thought, Why not? Still, I was surprised to smell skunk today at the Embarcadero, a concrete park between the Ferry Building and the Financial District. “Not skunk,” said my friend K, whom I met for tea and talk. “Powerful new strain of pot.”

K also generously shared two pieces of wisdom distilled from her 28 years of therapy: 1) You cannot control what happens in life, and 2) Enjoy the good moments while they last because they won’t last forever.

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Giovanna said...

There is actually a strain of marijuana called skunkweed! G&B