Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good-news Wednesday

The headlines in the mainstream news are disheartening: “Cyclone Kills 85 in East India,” “Iceland Evacuates Hundreds As Volcano Erupts Again,” “Strong Earthquakes in Western China Kill at Least 400.” But picking up the Positive News, delivered yesterday by my off-the-grid brother, is a perk-up call: “A Peacewalker Follows Her Dreams,” “Climate of Cooperation,” “Café Gives Laptops a Rest,” ”Meditation Teacher Saves 20,000 Bees, “Barefoot Solar Engineers Brighten Lives,” “The Secret Society of Happy People.” You can’t make this stuff up, so it must be true.


Giovanna said...

I actually googled Positive News and clicked on and must confess that found it cute. It has somehow the same innocence of 50's "duck and cover" under the school desk, and you'll be fine. Maybe I am making very little sense.

Mia said...

The edition my brother gives me is the print edition of It claims to give positive news "from around the world." It's a slim rag given that grand constituency, but then I guess there isn't a helluva lot of good news to share.

Robin Amos Kahn said...

I like the Laytonville newspaper, although not positive. It lists all the domestic violence disputes, car accidents and robberies. I can't remember the name of it, will have to google that. No wonder our memories are so bad. We don't have to remember anything (not even phone numbers.) "The Laytonville Observer."