Friday, June 4, 2010

All paths lead to the middle

So today my wonderful PT/Feldenkrais practitioner explained the importance of being in a neutral posture: not canted front or back or to one side. Not only does this prevent injury, he said, but it also puts you in position for action of any kind in any direction. But how do you find the neutral posture? You circle it, like a dog winding down for the night, shifting your weight to and fro, then settling into the center, with your bones neatly stacked.

He likened it to an argument, with the truth being somewhere in the middle. The middle way! But to me, the psychological corollary is avoiding entrapment in awkward corners and alleyways.

Feldenkrais is beginning to have the metaphorical magic of yoga.

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Susan said...

Megan - love this! The middle...

Love reading your blog again!!