Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And when he was 4

Twenty-five years ago, he was already a smarty-pants:

* [Playing with Tinkertoys] "I'm going to make a very marvelous vacuum cleaner. It's very dangerous. It's called the snuffer."

* "Some people are called vegetarians. They grow up to be monsters."

* "I am the doorman. This is my gun. It kills fleas and ticks. I give animals this food. It's called Everything Good for Your Pet. When someone comes to the door, I ask them if they know someone who lives here. If they don't, I kill them."

* J: Mommy, sinkers [submarines] have doors that close automatically.
 M: How did you know that?
   J: I turned my face inside my head, and when I looked I saw a picture, and in the picture the sinkers had a door that closed automatically.

* "Two o'clock in the morning is across the table from two o'clock in the afternoon."

* M: So, overall, did you have a wonderful day or a terrible day at Sesame Place?
   J: It was overall.

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