Saturday, June 26, 2010

When they were young, part 2

The wisdom of my 3-year-old son:

* [Before bed] "Let's talk about how sweet I am."

* J: Are you going to die soon?
  M: Are you worried I'm going to die?
   J: What happens is you get fatter and fatter and then you die.

* "Encaprin [a pain reliever he'd seen advertised on television] makes your whole body light up!"

* M: Don't wipe your nose on me!
    J: I'm just nuzzling you, Mommy.

* "When things are far away they look smaller."

* "You know why I cover my mouth when I'm eating? Because I don't want you to stuff some more food in."

* [To Other at midnight after waking up from a nightmare] "Where are your pointy little ears?"

* [To his friend Shira] "I am a grandfather. I can fix anything. You are a grandfather too."

* M: I'm not going to talk to you if you don't listen.
   J: Mommy, I am listening. I'm just death.

* J: Did you take all the seeds out of my watermelon?
  M: Yes.
  J: You are a good woman!

* J: Let's just lie here and look at the stars for a minute.
  M: Aren't they beautiful!
  J: Let's not talk. Just look.

* "You know what, Mom? A picture in my head told me you could break that artichoke heart in two and give me half."

* "[About a big bottle of bubble goo] "I think I might die before we use all those bubbles up."

* J: Alex put sand in my mouth!
  M: How dreadful! Did you do anything to him?
  J: Well, my problem was he was so mean.
  M: So ...
  J: So I told him I would make him eat too much sugar.

* "Keep your eye open while I kiss it. I bet girls can't keep their eyes open very long."

* "Mommy, do you think life is but a dream?"

* "Mom, if you want to be grumpy, be grumpy. But do it somewhere else."

* J: I wish I was a girl.
  M: Why?
  J: Because girls get to chew gum but boys have to eat lifesavers.

* J: Mommy, I wish you would have another baby.
  M: Why?
  J: Then we could name him Rupert.

* M: Next week there's no summer camp because there's a holiday.
   J: You mean there's a holiweek!

* M: Time to put on your nighty-nights [pajamas].
   J: I can't. I'm asleep. I'm hibernating.

* "When Daddy throws me in the air, if there's no gravity I won't come down."

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A said...

LOL! LOL! LOL! You and J have me laughing out loud and grinning ear to ear. What a brilliant little gem you gave birth to. (It's interesting how kids try to wrap their minds around what death is at age 3.)