Thursday, July 8, 2010

And when he was 5

Maybe it's just me, but is there anything funnier than little boys talking trash? More from the mixed-up files of my son J:

* "I'm going to tell Alex that he's so crazy that his ass goes pee and his penis goes poop!"

* J to M: Nice butt, Mom!

* J: Here Mommy, I'm going to kiss your bosom [kisses my bottom]
 M: That's not my bosom.
   J: Too late! I already kissed it!

* J: Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!
  Alex: Don't say that word when girls are around.
  J:  Why not? My mom doesn't mind.
 Alex: Do you know what "sex" means?
  J: No, what?
 [Many whisperings]
  J: Ewwww!

* [Talking to himself] "Nobody's perfect, you know."

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