Saturday, July 10, 2010

When he was 6

No topic was off the table at our house. Maybe that was a mistake:

* J: Mommy, I want to have sex with you!
   M: You can't. Mommies and their little boys aren't allowed to have sex together.
   J: Is that because their baby would be half your size and half my size?

* "Mommy, you know, you can't solve ALL your problems with magic."

* J: Mommy, have you had a heart attack?
   M: No, not yet.
   J: Oh, that's right. You had a nervous breakdown.

* "Mommy, if you let me watch you and Daddy have sex, I'll give you all my jewels."

* "Daddy let me use a knife once, or did he let me turn on the oven?"

* "I think I have the best mom and dad in the world."

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